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About Inyarwand Ltd

Inyarwanda was started in 2008 by the ideas of Joseph Masengesho and his friends in order to take rwandan music to it's fans from everywhere in the world.

Rwandan music has never stopped to progress and get better, but it doesn't cross the border of Rwanda local radios. It is played on Radio Flash, Contact, Salus and others stations, and that's it.

Rwandan music fans now are all over the places on the planet. Wherever they are, they still love rwandan music; they wish if they could get a chance to hear some of it.

Often you hear that Ugandan, Kenyan, and West African artists are making tours in Europe,America or Asia; they go there invited by people who know them.

How do they get to be known? Their music is promoted and most of the time through the Internet.

Many people in America and Europe love Riderman, Rafiki, Miss Jojo, Brothers, Lil G, Tough Gangs, but they know just their old music like Igipende, Mbwira, or even nothing.

How do hits like Umushonji waguye Isari, Danger, Rahira will get there? Inyarwanda will do the Job. How is the promotion done? Like other entertainment social website like Youtube, Myspace or Imeem, we will be posting:
  • Audio Music
  • Photos
  • Video clips
  • News

Other things that artist want to publish

In addition to this, every artist will have a personal blog or a full website according to his/her will.

He/she will be posting his/her information like photos or anything.

Inyarwanda will provide a link to that blog whenever somebody listens to the song.

What do artists have to do?

Artists who have a willing mind to be promoted by Inyarwanda will have to sign some agreements with Inyarwanda Manager in order to work in clarity.

Contacts information
Tel: +250 788 304 594
Email: info@inyarwanda.com


We are proudly to let you know that this project will help both artists and their fans.

You all know the old Rwandan saying that "UMUKOBWA WABUZE UMURANGA YAHEZE MWA NYINA"; we don't want this to happen to Rwandan music. Believe us, it won't be suprising if you are invited to perform in America or Europe by people who liked your music through Inyarwanda. You never know, "YES WE CAN"!!! Got a suggestion or question?